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How To Change Tyres When You Have A Flat Tyre

Fri 14 July 2017 | -- (permalink)

A flat tire can happen to anybody, anytime. Nowadays most car owners will have roadside assistance that will fix tires as part of their service. But you cannot always rely on support. Knowing how to change and what to use to change a tire is a must-know skill for any driver.

Below is a set of easy steps, following which you can change your tires quickly.

Things needed



Spare tyre

A piece of wood to hold the jack

Wheel wedges

Some of these come when you buy the vehicle, some you might have to purchase outside.

Step 1: In the case of a flat tire, do not abruptly slow down or apply brakes. Slowly reduce speed, put your hazard lights on and find a safe spot to park your vehicle.  Try to find a level ground. Look for straight roads as this will prevent the car from rolling away from you.

Step2: Apply parking brakes. Remove the spare parts and other tools needed.

Step 3: Place the wheel wedges to the tires opposite of the flat tire to keep the car from rolling away.

Step 4: Remove the hubcap. Using the wrench remove the wheel cover

Step 5: Put the jack under the car. Raise the vehicle using the jack, place a small piece of wood before trying to lift the car.

Step 6: Unscrew and remove the nuts, keep it safe as you will need it for use on the spare.

Step 7: Remove the flat tire by pulling the tire towards you.

Step 8: Put the spare in with the bolts, replace the nuts and tighten it with hands.

Step 9: Lower the jack till the spare tire touches the ground, remove the jack.

Step 10: Using the wrench tighten the nuts, make sure to get proper alignment by turning the nut in a star pattern.

Step 11: Check the pressure on the spare tire. If you do not have a pressure gauge, it is safer to drive to a nearby gas station.