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Why Is Drifting So Popular?

Mon 27 November 2017 | tags: Drifting, -- (permalink)

Drifting is one of the most popular motorsports in the whole world. It is also affordable and relatively easy to participate in if you have the required skillset. A good quality engineered drifting car is available on the market for less than £1000. Practising drifting sports is also comparatively more affordable than any other motor sports. According to, drifting is gaining more and more popularity as the years progress. Drifting was also listed as one of the most popular motorsports in Europe by The popularity of rifting can be chalked down to a few distinct reasons

Affordable Yet Thrilling Though all the motorsports are thrilling and interesting, most of them are very expensive to participate in. But drifting is not like that. It is highly thrilling, so much so that is gaining followers more and more as the years progress. But it is still very affordable when compared to other motorsports. The everyday drifting enthusiast can practice on the track for as low as £40.

Choices Available Are More! Unlike other motorsports, a wide range of cars can be used as a drift car. Any car which is a four-wheel drive can be used as a drift car. The older BMWs, Volvos, Nissan 200 SX s, Skylines and Ford Sierras can be easily used as a drift car. These are available in plenty in the UK, thus making it easier for the riders. The most moderately priced and easily available choices are the E36 BMW and certain old models.

Very Few Modifications Needed The modifications needed to convert a normal car to a drifting car are few. If you are a beginner who plans to start a drifting career, you can easily convert any of the above-mentioned cars at an affordable rate. The major modifications needed are a support bucket seat in the driving seat, a coil over suspension, and a welded or locking suspension. All these modifications are available at low prices and can be fitted at affordable rates.

Start Practising! So now you have got the car and made all the needed modifications, practice is the only thing left to get you in the major league. Proper practice is necessary as drifting is fast motorsport and can result in serious injuries and accidents if not done properly. Hence, you have to be properly trained under professional guidance before entering the race track. Only expert drivers should participate in drifting competitions.

These are some of the important points related to the infamous drifting motorsport that is becoming more and more popular every year. Recently two of the most famous drifting organizers have joined hands to work together as a team and improve the game. The BDC and IDC groups have come together with all their racing champions and have started to work together to improve the game and raise the spirits of their viewers. The success of drifting championships can be credited to the methodological and ambitious approach of the organizers and the enthusiasm of the participants from around the globe.