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Welding is a fun-filled job whether done as a hobby or job. While welding, it is important to protect our eyes from the sparks and molten metal. The ultraviolet rays and infrared light which is emitted from the torch can cause eye pain and sometimes blindness when we work unmasked. There are battery powered welding helmets and solar powered welding helmets available in the market. Sources from websites such as educate us on the possible health hazards on the work place. Visiting these websites is important to enrich ourselves with the possible hazards in the workplace. This article throws lights on auto darkening welding helmets available in the market and also the variations available in it.

Traditional Helmets vs. Auto Darkening Welding Helmets:

In the traditional helmets, a standard glass lens is used. But the drawback of it is it remains dark at all times. So, it frequently requires you to lift the helmet up to see the work. Auto Darkening Welding Helmets utilize an auto-darkening filter which allows us to keep the mask on and improves our visibility when not welding.

Battery Powered Helmets:

The auto darkening helmets are either powered by solar energy or a simple battery. Battery powered helmets utilize a rechargeable lithium battery or a collection of standard AAA batteries. Lithium batteries often require replacement at a substantial cost while the replacement is not frequent while using alkaline batteries.

Solar Powered Welding Helmets:

Unlike battery powered helmets, solar powered welding helmets utilize photovoltaic cells which are located on the top of the helmet. They may also utilize a battery. Battery powered helmets need to be turned on and off whereas solar power doesn't require it. Helmets using solar energy are popular with welders that work on site with plenty of sun exposure. Solar welding helmet may not work after a few years because the battery would have gone through too many recharge cycles. To get the best results, it is wise to invest in a solar powered helmet that utilizes replaceable batteries. Solar powered helmets trap the energy from the sun and come with an auto-off function. They come with built-in batteries or replaceable batteries. The battery may need recharging before using the helmet. As a solar panel is used, it may look bulkier.

Sensitivity Controls And Delays:

Many darkening helmets have sensitivity controls which help us adjust the amount of brightness required to initiate the darkening effect. For protection and comfort, the speed in which the auto darkening features kick in is crucial. You can find many manufacturers advertising switching speed in fractions or decimals.

How To Buy A Good Helmet?

While buying a helmet, always check to see that a helmet is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Check whether it includes multi-directional headgear adjustments. Choose helmets with low weight.

Welding is one of the dangerous jobs. To ensure the safety, a good investment has to be made for the helmets. Auto darkening helmets save the eyes and help in completing the job effectively. After analyzing the merits and drawbacks and understanding your needs, buy an auto darkening welding helmet accordingly.