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Sun 26 November 2017 | tags: Car Accident, -- (permalink)

A car crash is not only dangerous but also traumatizing, especially if the people involved in the crash are hurt in any way. According to, the extent of the damage and injuries are what determine your need for a lawyer. The rule of thumb is that if there is no damage to human life, then you will not need a lawyer. However, if you or your loved ones find yourselves injured to the extent of missing out on school, work or other social activities, hiring a lawyer to represent your case against the parties that caused you the injury may be for the best.

Even if there is no injury, don't dismiss the importance of hiring a lawyer for a car crash. Be shrewd and think about the amount of damage sustained by each party. If it is a mere scratch or bend, the insurance company claim will be enough to handle the cost of repairs. However, if the damage is a little more than a cosmetic touch up job or the entire accident is more complicated and ambiguous, hiring a lawyer that handles auto accidents might save you a lot of stress in the long run. They will know how to proceed with the enquiry and case build-up, should it come to that.

There are times when you can take your time getting in touch with your lawyer and times when you should contact them right away. One of the most common reasons to contact your lawyer is when the crash involves personal injury that leads to hospitalization, long recovery times and permanent damage such as paralysis or death. Accidents involving pedestrians and other vehicles are also the right times to call your lawyer, especially if they are getting their legal team involved in the incident.

Insurance claims do not always cover the entire damage that occurs during an accident. If you have a limited insurance liability, calling your lawyer can help you cover costs fully. Some shady insurance companies may even suggest that you are behind on your premium payments and refuse to handle the case. Other times, they may not even give you reason for not approving your insurance claim and may involve their own legal team. During these times, it is best to involve a lawyer who will be able to understand the legal and technical issues involved in the case; you must contact them as soon as possible to make sure none of the evidence is changed, though.

If the damage is not as serious as the above cases, or you are simply seeking advice on how to handle the settlement, take a couple of days to seek advice. Whether it's knowing about your rights, finding out the terms and conditions of your settlement claim or determining whether the insurance company may be lowballing you, a lawyer helps provide some much-needed clarity to each of these situations. Getting the right attorney is easy and effective. Simply book a free first consultation and let the experts take care of your problem.